Cutting your Cigar

There are three different cutting styles for cigars. Cutting style is mostly preference but can play a major role in the way a cigar smokes and tastes.


images-6Guillotine Cut

The guillotine cut is the most popular form of cutting a cigar. A guillotine cut removes the full cap of the cigar so that a large volume of smoke can enter the mouth and spread throughout the entire palate.



Punch Cut

A punch cut refers to making a small hole in the cap of the cigar so that only a limited amount of smoke can pass through. By doing this it forces the smoke directly onto the palate.





A v-cut is a very unique form of cutting a cigar. A v-cut cuts a small wedge into the cigar creating draw that directs the smoke to the center of the mouth from top to bottom.





Cutting Tips

  1. Don’t cut too much. The main objective to cutting a cigar is to open up the closed end of the cigar. The recommended amount to cut is 1/8 inch.
  2. Apply even pressure. When using a double guillotine cutter apply even pressure to each side of the cigar to avoid crushing the cigar.
  3. When punching a cigar, hold the head of the cigar firm and apply pressure strait down on the head of the cigar. This will help to keep the rest of the cap of the cigar from splitting or cracking.