Lighting your Cigar

Lighting a cigar is a very important part of the cigar smoking process. Like cutting a cigar there are several different options for lighting your cigar.


Talk to many aficionados and they will tell you that the only true way to light a cigar is with a wooden match
that has a sulfur free tip. This is thought to be the cleanest way to light the cigar.



Butane Lighterxikar_XTX-Double

Butane lighters burn extremely clean compared to traditional fluid lighters that can leave unburned fluid residue in your cigar. They come in many different styles including double, triple and even five burner lighters.



Lighting Tips

  1. Don’t let the flame touch the cigar. Keep the flame just far enough from the cigar so that the heat will toast the foot of the cigar without charring the wrapper.
  2. Roll your cigar as you light. By rolling the cigar as you apply the flame you help spread the heat evenly around resulting in an even burn.
  3. Draw in on the cigar as you light the cigar. This will help bring the heat to the cigar and spread the flame to create an even burn.