Shapes and Sizes

Cigars come in many different shapes and sizes. The size of a cigar plays a major role in the flavor, draw and length of time that cigar will burn. Cigar sizes are based on length and ring gauge. The term “ring gauge” refers to the diameter of the cigar broken into 64th’s of an inch. (ex. 32 ring gauge = half an inch diameter).

When determining the size of a cigar it is often listed by a name rather than a size. While there is no rule to say that a cigar determined a robusto has to be a specific size  (5×50), many manufacturers tend to maintain a fairly consistent size structure. Some cigar manufacturers use their own names for specific sizes, for example a Romeo y Julieta “Magnum” is also a Gordo (6×60) size.









Popular Cigar Sizes

Corona-5 ¼” by 44 RG

Lonsdale- 6 ½” by 42 RG

Robusto-5” by 50 RG

Toro- 6 ½” by 50 RG

Torpedo- 6 ½” by 52 RG

Churchill- 7” by 48 RG

Gordo- 6” by 60 RG