Smoking your Cigar

Now that you have the cigar cut and lit you can relax and enjoy. However here are a few tips that will help you to keep the perfect burn and get the most satisfaction out of your cigar.

Standard Smoking Tips

  1. Roll your cigar as you draw. Just like when you lit your cigar by giving it a slight roll as you draw it will help keep an even burn throughout the smoking process.
  2. Don’t smoke too fast. Remember cigars like a good meal are meant to enjoy and savor. By smoking a cigar too fast you can cause the cigar to burn too hot. When you ash your cigar if there is a point at the end it is a good sign that you are smoking too fast. This means that the wrapper and binder are burning faster than the filler.

Smoking Tips from Burner’s

  1. Smoke what you enjoy! It doesn’t matter if the cigar cost $5 or $500, if you don’t enjoy it it’s not worth the money.
  2. Don’t be afraid to try new things! We are in an era of great cigars. Cigar makers are coming up with incredible new blends that redefine what we think about cigars. Don’t be afraid to try
    something new. The only way to know if you’ll lie it or not is to try it.
  3. Smoke with people you like. There is nothing better than sitting with friends or family and relaxing with a good cigar.

“A cigar is as good as the memories you had when you smoked it”

-Raul Julia