Lounge Rules

  1. The Burner’s Lounge is a private club and intended for products purchased from Burner’s. Please NO cigars or pipe tobacco purchased outside of Burners Cigar Co.
  2. NO cigarettes are permitted in the lounge
  3. Anyone using language deemed to be offensive in nature will be asked to leave
  4. NO weapons or illegal substances are permitted
  5. Burners Cigar Co. may refuse access to the Cigar Lounge if the member appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances
  6. NO spirituous liquor bottles shall be kept in open view. Bottles may be kept in private lockers or designated space in the back room.
  7. Lounge hours of operation
    1. Monday- Saturday 10am-10pm
    2. Sunday 12pm-6pm (8pm during NFL Season)
  8. NO persons under the age of 18 years of age are permitted in the lounge area
  9. Only members of Burners Cigar Co. Cigar Lounge are permitted in the lounge area

Failure to follow the above rules of conduct may result in removal from the lounge and possible termination of Lounge Membership.