Packing & Lighting Your Pipe


1. Trickle tobacco into the bowl until it is slightly overfull, then press lightly with your tamper until the bowl appears half full.

2. Overfill the bowl again and tamp down until the pipe is 2/3 to 3/4 full.

3. Overfill the pipe one last time and using your fingers, press the top layer down firmly to be even with the top of the bowl.

4. Finally, test the “draw” by sucking air through the unlit pipe; the resistance should be about like that felt when sipping a soft drink through a straw. If the draw doesn’t feel right, then empty the bowl and start over.

5. Using a soft flame, held slightly above the top of the bowl, draw air through the pipe for a few short puffs. Just enough to “toast” the top of the tobacco.

6. Using your tamper, lightly tamp the top of the bowl down slightly to compress the expanded tobacco.

7. Light once again taking longer deeper draws. This should produce a well packed and well lit pipe.