Types of Pipe Tobacco


Virginia – Virginia tobacco has the highest natural sugar content, and is used in virtually all blends as it is a good burner and lights easily. It imparts a light, sweet taste, which naturally increases when properly aged before blending.

Burley – A naturally thicker leaf than Virginia, Burley has a soft, nutty taste that never bites. It also burns very slowly and is used for slowing down the combustion rate for many blends.

Cavendish – Not a type of tobacco but a special heating and curing process that will bring out the naturally sweet flavor of Virginia tobacco. The process also creates a tobacco that is quite mild, very light in taste, and easy to pack.

Latakia – Grown in Syria, Latakia is a very full-bodied dark tobacco that gives off a smoky aroma that is similar to burning leaves.

Perique – Grown in Louisiana, Perique is a very dark tobacco that is renowned for its very spicy flavor.

Oriental – A generalized grouping of tobaccos including Latakia that is known for its unique “spice” flavors. The tobaccos in this category are grown in Western Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, and Syria.